Christian Adam is Postgraduate Researcher in machine learning for linguistics.

Christian joined the team as a postgraduate researcher to work between
the fields of Learning Theory, Machine Learning and Cognitive
Linguistics. Before he came to Sheffield, for five years he was a
student assistant at Harald Baayen’s Quantitative Linguistics lab at
the University of Tübingen, where he obtained his Bachelor’s degree in
General Linguistics and German as well as his Master’s degree in
Computational Linguistics.

Working under the assumption that language is not different from any
other learned skill, the main focus of his research here will be to
investigate how linguistic phenomena can emerge from experience with
language and general purpose learning mechanisms and how this can be
modeled computationally using machine learning algorithms.

Mühlenbernd, R., Nick, J. D., Adam, C., “The force of innovation:
Emergence and extinction of messages in signaling games,”
S. Katrenko & R. K. Rendsvig (eds.), Proceedings of the ESSLLI 2012
Student Session, 2012, 102-113.
Dye, M., Milin, P., Adam, C., Futrell, R., Ramscar, M., “The
Communicative Function of German Noun Classification,”
Poster presented at CUNY 2016 Conference on Human Sentence Processing,
University of Florida, Florida, 3-5th March 2016