Οοοminders at the 18th International Morphology Meeting

By May 16, 2018 No Comments

Ooominder Maciej J. Borowski describes his experience at the 8th International Morphology Meeting.

Petar, Christian and I went to Budapest to represent the team at the 18th International Morphology Meeting. In addition to many interesting talks, one of which was co-authored by Petar, we attended a workshop dedicated to models and methods in linguistics – problems that are of special interest to all three of us.

Conferences are an amazing opportunity to get to know other researchers and their work – not only during the presentations and poster sessions but also after the official meetings are over. That is even more true when brilliant weather encourages you to go out, eat and talk.

Science is a social thing – progress happens because thoughts are shared, ideas questioned and problems discussed. Working in a team makes one really aware of the importance of interactions between the researchers and, in turn, appreciate such events even more. Especially when they are organized in a stunning city like Budapest!