The role of frequency and memory in language learning

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Dr Dagmar Divjak, School of Languages and Cultures, discusses how frequency of exposure helps commit experiences to memory and explores how these insights can be put to use in learning and teaching a foreign language.

Watch the video and find out more.

Video contents:

  • 00:50 memory, frequency and language teaching
  • 4:02 memory, context and the learning environment
  • 7:55 boosting your foreign language learning skills
  • 12:59 the myth of talent: what really holds your progress back
  • 16:37: language learning hacks from research on memory
  • 19:27 make it fun: recommendation from linguists and foreign language teachers
  • 23:28 top tips for language learning from psychologists, linguists and foreign language teachers

You can read more about the project here

Dr Dagmar Divjak’s work was funded by a British Academy Mid-Career Fellowship. Thanks addressed to Yekaterina Baskakova and Nina Szymor for their work as external engagement assistants on the Frequency in Language project.