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Pimping-up linguistics

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Pimping-up linguistics: Approaching language with behavioural experimentation and computational modelling

Dr Petar Milin from Out of Our Minds project and the Department of Journalism Studies on absorbing Summer School of Linguistics workshop in Czechia this August 21st.

From the abstract: 

Over the last two decades linguistics has been steadily moving away from questions of what might be possible (competence) towards studies of what is probable (performance); with this has come a change in focus, away from exceptional examples, small samples and anecdotal illustrations, towards large-scale quantitative studies. Three preconditions had to be met for this step-change to take place: (a) the rise of corpus linguistics with large and accessible digitalized corpora, (b) the return of quantification to language studies, in line with the core assumptions of usage-based approaches, and (c) an emerging interest in neuro-behaviourally motivated experimentation due to the field’s aspiration to provide descriptions of language that are in line with what is known about the brain and mind from other disciplines.